Apartment Flip

04 Apr


This is a really small apartment out in Roseville that Sal and I just finished. The walls had cracks in them that needed repair.

All door knobs, hinges, handles and latches had been painted over many times, by as I like to call them, “Blow and Go Painters”.  I remove all outlet and switch covers, light fixtures, door hinges, door handles, etc. so that the painting is done right. Lazy painters on the other hand don’t take the time to do this and you have over-spray and paint everywhere you don’t want it.

It does take more time, but the end product is a much superior one. Previous painters would have to paint this every year upon renter turnovers. My paint job will last and be durable for many years. I stand behind all my work.

It always comes down to Quality or Quantity. If you choose quantity, you end up paying double in the end! Quality lasts for years.

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Posted by on April 4, 2009 in Finish Work, Flips, Kitchen, Painting



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