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Hot Water Heaters

Good Information to know about your Hot Water Heater

I have found that homeowners don’t know that hot water heaters should be maintained until it is too late. When your hot water heater decides to fail, it will leak out all of it’s water causing water damage.

First thing you should do is look on the side of the hot water heater tank, to find out the Manufacturing Date. If it is older than 20 years, I would recommend immediately changing it out. It is like a ticking time bomb, it may decide to last another 6months or leak out the next day.

Old Hot Water Heater Tank on the Right

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Exersize Body Ball Rack

Exersize Body Ball Rack

This is a fairly inexpensive project I did for Sportivo (Coffee Bar with a Gym).  The owner wanted a simplistic way to get the body balls out of the way, up on the wall.  She showed me a design she had seen of another product in a magazine.  I then fabricated this rack out of PVC pipe and fittings.

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Slate in Bathrooms

Information you should know if you are considering using Slate Tile.

Since slate tile seems to be a popular tile to be viewed on my website, I decided to give more information for those of you out there who are considering using it in a bathroom. Here are some of the pros & cons:


1. Most of the slate tile I have used was very difficult to work with.  In many cases, when you are working on a particularly intricate design, the sizes and shapes of the tile aren’t made uniform. Which involves a lot more layout and cutting than originally estimated. For instance, an 12×12 tile is sometimes 11 1/2in. along the top edge, and 11in. on the bottom edge. For this reason I do most of my layout and design first to make sure my grout lines stay true and straight.

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I’m Back!!!

For those of you who have been waiting to see more of my postings, I have been busy. I stopped posting for awhile because my computer went down. I now have a new laptop and I have many new projects to post since I have been working a lot and taking pictures as I go.

Give me some time to add new posting. I hope to add a new posting once a week. Thank you for taking a look at my work, and I hope to do some projects for you in the near future.

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Slate Tiled Steps With Porch

Since everyone seems to like the slate tile bathroom so much that I did, I decided to post this project. This is actually my neighbor’s front porch. She came up with the size of the slate tile to use, (4x4in & 12x12in) and some what of a pattern she liked from the back porch, she had done a few years ago. The diamond pattern I placed in the middle.

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