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My name is Troy Ewing. I have worked in the Construction Industry for 20 years. I am skilled in many different fields of work. I have done every trade in the course of building custom homes and remodels.

I started doing projects around the house growing up with my Dad. I watched and learned a lot of skills from him. It seemed like improvement projects around the house were always abundant. This gave me a good foundation of skills to build upon. I also took classes in High School to fine tune my skills with finished wood projects. I took 4 years of wood-shop, and was the teacher’s assistant in the Home Building Basics course.

After working around the house, and helping neighbors on their houses, I decided to branch out and learn new skills and trades. I began by painting houses. This was only a part-time job for me during the summers. A few years later in 2000 a Contractor by the name of Sam Martin took me under his wing and really taught me how to build a house from the ground up. I worked for him for 4 years. Our first project together was an addition to a house in Loomis, CA. I was fortunate during this time to also learn Electrical from Dave Luna, when work was slow for Sam. From these two great men I learned how to read Blue Prints and understand all that goes into building a house.

I then worked for a man by the name of Russ Volk. He was a great man with a great family that opened my eyes to the higher-end custom homes. I began getting into more finish work and trim. Through working for him, I learned the better points of communication with the homeowners and keeping them informed on the progress. And in doing so, making sure they were satisfied with our work.

I moved on to work for a developer to help him build his house in Lincoln, Ca. I used my knowledge and skills to assist in completing the tasks at hand. I learned about using alternative building materials to use in building a home and running heavy machinery. I also learned to do tile work at this time. This project was a great undertaking. To him I am grateful to have learned so much by building such an extravagant and elegant home that I really put my heart into. His home was my greatest accomplishment to date, with a lot of fine details & features. To look back on it, I take great pride in that house. It took 2 ½ years to complete, but it was worth it, it’s an amazing house!

From there I moved on to an Environmental Company where I ran their Commercial Division. This involved a lot of planning, paperwork, and communications to make sure the projects went smoothly and were completed to everyone’s satisfaction. I also ran a crew up to 20 guys and subs every day. Since it was an Environmental company I learned about water damage, mold, and remediation.

So from all these people and companies I have learned a lot. Now I work on my own and help people to do jobs around their houses. I also complete projects for my place and for my use. I am looking forward to expanding and growing not only my knowledge, but to expand my “Portfolio of Pride” as I like to call it. It basically means to look back at the end of the day and say, “I helped to build/complete that”, which I take great pride in. Everyone should be proud of there accomplishments.


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