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Tile Shower


This is my second shower I tiled in the Dreamland Home. It has 3 tiled cubby holes on the outside for storage of towels, shampoos, soaps, etc. Inside the shower there is a large tiled shelf for these items too, up higher. It has a diamond pattern on floor tiles. The green and yellow tiles were also placed in the flooring tiles. The crown border tiles added a nice touch to give it more depth.

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Dreamland Home

This is a 8,500sq ft home I built from April 2005-June 2007 while employed with Dreamland Development. The walls were made of a product called Rastra Blocks. This is a Green Building Material and a superior building material. I was fortunate enough to work with this material.  Since it is Not a well-known material in many areas, it was interesting to work with this material.

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Slate Bathroom Remodel


This is a bathroom I worked on with my good friend Brad Sparks.

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