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Tile Saw

I am sometimes asked about what tools I really like to work with. So I decided to give some of my reviews of some of  the tools I like to use on my projects.

For all the tile projects I have done, I love using my Imer Tile Saw. It has a table design that makes it easier to make precise cuts. It has a “Radial Arm Saw” design, which means your tile stays flat on a surface and the saw slides.

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Slate in Bathrooms

Information you should know if you are considering using Slate Tile.

Since slate tile seems to be a popular tile to be viewed on my website, I decided to give more information for those of you out there who are considering using it in a bathroom. Here are some of the pros & cons:


1. Most of the slate tile I have used was very difficult to work with.  In many cases, when you are working on a particularly intricate design, the sizes and shapes of the tile aren’t made uniform. Which involves a lot more layout and cutting than originally estimated. For instance, an 12×12 tile is sometimes 11 1/2in. along the top edge, and 11in. on the bottom edge. For this reason I do most of my layout and design first to make sure my grout lines stay true and straight.

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Slate Tiled Steps With Porch

Since everyone seems to like the slate tile bathroom so much that I did, I decided to post this project. This is actually my neighbor’s front porch. She came up with the size of the slate tile to use, (4x4in & 12x12in) and some what of a pattern she liked from the back porch, she had done a few years ago. The diamond pattern I placed in the middle.

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Slate Bathroom Remodel


This is a bathroom I worked on with my good friend Brad Sparks.

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