Custom Well Cover

10 Oct

My dad came to me with this project; I guess you could say I went a little “Tim Allen” on the idea. He was worried about his well head cover being plowed over by his snow plow guy when the snow piles up.

This is the view of the original Well Cover. It’s made of a plastic culvert pipe with a round plywood cover.  A load of dirt was piled on top.

My dad wanted a well cover that was functional and at the same time decorative.  The plan was to come up with a design, yet use some of the existing materials he had laying around to make it a cost effective project.  The only materials we went and purchased were the pressure treated 2×4, regular 2×4’s, and a 2×6.

His original design he was thinking about going with was just a square base and a triangle top.  As I thought over this idea and what the design would look like, it occurred to me that the metal corners would be exposed to the elements unless I used some sort of edging metal.  This is the main reason I changed the design to be octagon, leaving the metal wrapped around the wood with no exposed corners. The vertical ribs overlapped at the seams perfectly to seal out the weather when I wrapped them around the wood framework.

The tan colored metal, that I used for the well base, was vertical metal siding trimmings from dad’s garage. The green colored metal, that I used for the roof, was left over from the roof trimmings off of his neighbor’s house.   Interestingly enough, when I bent the metal around the well’s wooden framed base, it made the well base look like it was round instead of octagon, because of the vertical ribs in the metal.

Then I mounted the vertical uprights.

And made the wood framework for the metal roof.

Next, I mounted the OSB to the framework and mounted the metal roofing with ridge cap.

Dad had an old broom handle that we cut up and used as a handle and crank. We used some old rope and attached it to a scrap piece of metal as a weight to keep the rope tight and straight.

We treated the exposed wood with wood preservative to match the wood stain on his porch.  The ground had to be leveled, and the old well cover was removed.  Then we moved the well into place. I  found some rocks around the property to wrap around the base.  This added more to the look but also functionality, in that it will keep down the water splatter on the metal when it rains.

The overall time it took to design, fabricate/build, and install on site, was 3 days.  The Well Cover was a challenging but fun project to work on; all his neighbors loved the idea and the look.  It really added to and cleaned up the property.

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  1. naush

    September 4, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    Wow !! This is awesome !


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