Four Plex Flip

04 May

This4-Plex Property was a disaster the first day I showed up. The pictures just don’t do it justice for the amount of garbage and clutter all over the property.  This property was foreclosed on by the lender. He wanted to fix it up, and rent the units out. When I went to look at the property, I realized that I had a lot of work to do to flip this property.

When I went to go pull permits from the city, they all knew the property as the “blue building” which wasn’t a good sign. I guess they all knew about it from the complaints they got about the property. I later also found out from law enforcement, it was also known to them as the local brothel and drug house.

This posting will just show the exterior only. I am not going to show the interior views on this posting, but will show those on the following. Fortunately for you, I will spare you the sight of the interior pictures of when I first walked in.

I love to see the before and after pictures, so take a look at the slide show.

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Some of the Upgrades / Fixes are:

  • New Roof
  • New Vinyl Slider Windows (old ones were single pane, & broken)
  • New areas of T-111 Sidingreplaced (dryrot in some areas)
  • New AC/Heat Units (old ones either not functioning, stolen, or undersized)
  • New Window Blinds(old ones were broken)
  • New Steel Clad Front Doors with Lock Sets(doors had been kicked in by squatters)
  • New Security Doors (old ones didn’t function)
  • New Trim Around Windows & Doors
  • New Address Plaques
  • New Exterior Lights(old ones were broken)
  • New Window Security Grills (per Cal. Code, window within 18″ to front door)
  • New Paint (premium exterior paint for T-111 Siding from Sherwin Williams)
  • New Functioning Sprinkler Systemwith Automatic Controller
  • New Coax Cables ran on exterior for cable company (old ones were ran all over the place)
  • New Electrical Panel Faces made for Electrical & Phone Panel(old ones had been removed)
  • Bushes trimmed back and given shape
  • Lawns mowed
  • New Free Treesplanted from local Shade Tree Program
  • New Free Mulch in planter areas from local utility company (not Pictured)

When Final Inspections came the City Inspectors were impressed to see it in it’s new condition and so was the lender. It cleaned out the squatters, cleaned up the neighborhood, and crime went down. All four units are rented out and because of the quality products used, and the quality work that I did. This property will only need to be maintained, since the upgrades/fixes are already made.

I love working on projects like this. Contact me if you, or someone you know, would like some of these upgrade/fixes done to their house, or they have some investment properties they want some work done on. Or go buy an investment property now, and put me to work!


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One response to “Four Plex Flip

  1. Alliance_Concrete_ Pumps

    June 15, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    Wow, great work! Speaking from experience, it is a lot of work fixing up properties for resale. You did a great job taking care of the exterior items which are key issues. I have engaged in similar endeavors; of which though, required fairly significant attention to the interior. While exterior work can most definitely take quite a lot of effort to clean up for resale, interior is a whole different ball game. Seems that once one gets involved in flooring, drywall and wall tiles, life can get a bit more difficult. Lets just say, I learned to use subcontractors for such jobs as dry wall and the like. Anyway, great job! Dave


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