Tile & Custom Mantle

21 Mar

I completely changed the look of this fireplace.  The original fireplace with the red brick, didn’t match the look of the rest of the room. The homeowner had installed new wood flooring and painted the walls.

The homeowner picked out a Travertine Tile. Travertine is a form of limestone. He went with this stone instead of a ceramic tile, because it would hold up to the heat, from the wood fire burning in the fireplace.

I first cut the tile for the floor on my tile saw. I like to use full size tile whenever possible, but had to cut these down some to make the grout lines line up with the fireplace opening.

I next built the custom mantle in place. I was able to match the baseboards to the base of the pillars, on the sides of the mantle.  So that when you looked at it, the baseboard continued around and wrapped the mantle bases.

I then painted the mantle and permanently mounted it to the wall.

The next step was to mount the tile to the face of the fireplace, and wrap the inside of the exposed brick ends, just inside the opening of the fireplace sides.

The final step was to grout the tile and use a good sealer on the tile and grout.

This project really turned out nice and the travertine tile was a good look. The finished mantle and tile made it the focal point of the room.  I also installed two small can lights on a dimmer, with the eyeball trim, to direct the light to shine on the mantle and wall. This finished the new look of the room.


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One response to “Tile & Custom Mantle

  1. Alliance Concrete Pumps

    August 1, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    That looks great, the tile looks similar to some stuff I put down in my bathroom a number of years ago. Regarding your mantle work. Well done. I had a wood stove in a home one time and did something fairly similar to it. I like the way it blends into the home a bit more…. just lest contrast. Projects like this are fun to do and really help tie things together. Thanks again, Dave


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