Exersize Body Ball Rack

12 Dec
Exersize Body Ball Rack

This is a fairly inexpensive project I did for Sportivo (Coffee Bar with a Gym).  The owner wanted a simplistic way to get the body balls out of the way, up on the wall.  She showed me a design she had seen of another product in a magazine.  I then fabricated this rack out of PVC pipe and fittings.

I first designed it in my head on how it should look/work. I then cut and dry fit the pieces together to make sure the balls would fit. Once everything was fine tuned, I glued the pieces together with PVC cement.

I then used U-shaped metal clamps to hang it on the wall with toggle screws. I then tested the strength of the rack by shooting the balls like basketballs, at the rack to make sure it was durable.

Everything checked out and worked well.

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