Slate Tiled Steps With Porch

04 Dec

Since everyone seems to like the slate tile bathroom so much that I did, I decided to post this project. This is actually my neighbor’s front porch. She came up with the size of the slate tile to use, (4x4in & 12x12in) and some what of a pattern she liked from the back porch, she had done a few years ago. The diamond pattern I placed in the middle.

I like to do the dry fit & layout first. I use larger pieces of the slate tile as much as possible, so layout is very important. Then as I feel it looks good, I cut the slate tiles down to size. I included the detail pictures of the tile I cut around the circular columns, to show off my skills in cutting slate tile. As you can see, the columns were already existing, so I had to cut around them.

Once everything was laid out as close as I wanted them to be, I installed the slate tile. On most vertical surfaces, I mounted the slate tile there first, then installed the horizontal slate tiles to overlay. Hence giving the grout lines a nice even look. The project was time consuming, since I’m a perfectionist.

I should also mention, slate tile is not an easy tile to work with because of all the irregular sizes & thicknesses. I posted more about the Pros & Cons to Slate Tile in: Slate in Bathrooms

The homeowner later, after I had completed the job applied a couple of coats of sealer to give the slate tile a wet look, which I recommend. I did not include any of those pictures with the sealer on. Slate tile always looks dull in my opinion unless you apply a wet look sealer.

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