Custom Mantle

06 May

This was part of the House Flip I posted about.

I removed the old wood paneling, mantle, and shelving. It looked terrible, and outdated, and didn’t utilize the space very well. It also had fake gas logs in the fireplace, with a worn out brass screen. I had to move the electrical & cable to the new locations, patch the open drywall areas, texture the walls to match exiting, painted the walls, and installed baseboards.

I then built a custom mantle to mount over the brick fireplace. Installed bookshelves on the right and made a custom fit T.V. stand. The fine detailing on the mantle took some time but came out looking amazing. I also installed an electrical outlet on the top of the mantle.  It is hard to see in the pictures, but the walls were painted white with a very light hint of pink. The mantle in contrast was white, making it really catch your eye. I then installed and electric fireplace that was a nice contrast to the red brick. This was a Huge improvement to the old outdated fireplace.


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