Pavers & Fake Grass

23 Mar

This project I removed the old sprinkler system and installed new drip system. I also installed the underground electrical and water lines.  The pavers and fake grass were installed by System Pavers here in Sacramento.  After watching the steps to complete the process I feel confident to do a project like this for myself one day. It came out looking great and the grass really is nice. I thought the grass would feel fake, like scratchy, but it was really pleasant to lay out on.  The huge advantage to having something like this is it is very low maintenance, and saves on water usage. With the drip system, you only water the plants, and it is also on an automatic timer. Grass and Pavers require very little care.


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One response to “Pavers & Fake Grass

  1. bethanystips

    August 2, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    I love backyard paver projects. They look so much better than concrete. This site has the pavers cost per square foot listed so you can see how much patio pavers would cost,


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