Slate Bathroom Remodel

18 May

This is a bathroom I worked on with my good friend Brad Sparks.

Brad worked on: demoing out the old bathroom, moved the plumbing under the slab, installed plumbing for shower, sink, tub, and tank-less water heater. So basically all the plumbing and a large portion of the tile Brad worked on.

I worked on: framing changes, mounted windows, drywall, texture, all electrical, installed pocket door, tile, and assisted with plumbing installations. This was a lot of work cramped into a small area. It turned out great.

Because of the dark slate tile, I installed can lighting on dimmers to help light up the bathroom. I posted more information on the Pros & Cons to using Slate Tile in: Slate in Bathrooms

The finer touches to the bathroom are the tank-less water heater, can lighting on dimmers, cubby holes in tile to hold shampoo & soap bottles, 3 body jet sprayers, handheld shower head, fixed shower head, ceiling rain-down shower head, lighted swing-out mirror (not pictured), electrical near sink is hidden underneath large oval mirror (not pictured), custom pocket door, access panel for tub is made out of tile to blend in, and a heater on a timer near the toilet.

To learn more about Tankless Water Heaters go to: Hot Water Heaters


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